• How can i sell my site?

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    I learn somethings about how to sell a site that really can help you if thats what you want.

    First of all you need to know a excellent place for doing that http://www.flippa.com for just $19 you can expose your site to thousands of serious internet buyers.

    How much can you ask for your site?
    Well that really depends on your niche, but the most important thing how much and how are you already making money? In all the bids i see people ask in average earnings sum of the last 12 months. If you had make 12,000$ on the last 12 months, than a decent price for your site is $12,000. But this rule is not for all niches some people as 24x and so on…. thats depends…

    Info required
    Just awstats traffic proofs is not enough you need to use google analytics, and if you make money with adsense you need to use adsense channels, no one will buy a expensive site if they had no warrantys.

    Take care
    Some “buyers” are just interesed and see how you are getting your traffic and may try to apply it to they bussiness model, you need to take care with that. Its important to check the buyers rank, and feedback from other users.

    Well, thats are just few tips i have learn in some old  experiences, if you have more tips please just share with our readers.

  • Make Money with Downloads +70$/Day

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    You now this download services that we use every time? Well you can get money from them. How? Let me explain.

    Some download networks like Megaupload, Bitroad, Depositfiles, Easyshare give you money when you a upload file and other people download it.

    The best i have found was Partner Bitroad.net they have the high payment. 70$ for 1000 downloads, it could variate if your downloads don´t come from US, but the less that they guarantee you are 30$/1000.

    If you have a download website you can easy make 70$ per day or even more, and that´s awesome, if you don´t have a website of downloads you can write a e-book or zip some pictures and put into a package in your blog a link to download this files.

    Well, in my opinion this is a good way to make some easy money everything you need is a good file to download.

    Good luck :)