• Funny image results with Remote Connection, can you discover why?

    Posted on September 25th, 2009 admin No comments

    Hello Guys,

    Today i have made something really funny.

    My computer is running Vista 64, and i need to use Cisco VPN Client to connect to my work, but Vista 64 don´t support Cisco VPN Client.

    So everything i need to do is:

    1. Turn on my computer with Vista 64
    2. Start Sun VirtualBox running Windows 2003
    3. Connect to the VPN from the Windows 2003
    4. Remote Desktop to My Work Computer from the Windows 2003
    5. Work

    But today i installed the TeamViewer in my home computer, TeamViewer is a software for remote web connection. After installing i need to test it, right?

    So i try to connect from my Work to my Home, but i test all this from home.

    Just Look the funny image results. Remember there are no software problems.

    I know why that happend and you?  HEHE :)

    Funny remote connection