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  • Sharing my blog revenue, looking for partners

    Posted on October 1st, 2009 admin No comments

    Hello fellows,

    I have my website that receive more than 5,000 unique visitors daily.

    The blog receives a lot of traffic but i don´t have time to update the blog daily, so i am looking for a partner to update the blog daily and share the revenue with me.

    Its a good opportunity to make money, because the web site receive a lot of traffic and if you write really good content we will receive a lot more traffic.

    The share will happend with adsense, i will put your adsense code in the “blog page” and if someone clicks the money is yours.

    If you are interesed please send one email to or comment this post.

  • Funny image results with Remote Connection, can you discover why?

    Posted on September 25th, 2009 admin No comments

    Hello Guys,

    Today i have made something really funny.

    My computer is running Vista 64, and i need to use Cisco VPN Client to connect to my work, but Vista 64 don´t support Cisco VPN Client.

    So everything i need to do is:

    1. Turn on my computer with Vista 64
    2. Start Sun VirtualBox running Windows 2003
    3. Connect to the VPN from the Windows 2003
    4. Remote Desktop to My Work Computer from the Windows 2003
    5. Work

    But today i installed the TeamViewer in my home computer, TeamViewer is a software for remote web connection. After installing i need to test it, right?

    So i try to connect from my Work to my Home, but i test all this from home.

    Just Look the funny image results. Remember there are no software problems.

    I know why that happend and you?  HEHE :)

    Funny remote connection

  • gWebTools launched in Germany

    Posted on September 7th, 2009 admin No comments


    Today we have launched the german version of the website If you are for Germany you will like to access from

    If you like to see this website in your language, send one e-mail to suggesting it!


  • Sitemaps Problems on Google Webmaster Tools

    Posted on July 5th, 2009 admin No comments


    Guys i am really frustated with the google webmaster tools, my sitemaps aren´t working. I never have had problems with sitemaps or sitemapindex files befor, but now i am having serious problems.

    Im sending sitemaps index and sitemaps trought google webmaster tools, and google tells me that its some problem and he cant access my sitemaps, but don´t specify the problem.

    I put they on sitemap validators and no problems are found, i try to create txt sitemap but dont works the same way, i try to do everything i can i creating this post to discuss this sitemaps problems, if some of you are having similar problems, please post here, so we can find the solution together.

    My sitemapindex url:

    Thats all, hope i find a solution!

  • Large MySQL Databases Index Creation

    Posted on June 29th, 2009 admin No comments


    Maybe some of you guys know that in the website we index daily millions and millions of websites, its really a hard cpu and memory usage process and takes sometime.

    For the name server spy tool wich we update monthly we need to import some files to our database monthly big files more than 10GB of domains and name servers data.

    We have test a lot of ways to speeding up this process as much we can, if some visitor of the web site type a name server address in the ns spy tool, we need to check a database with 70,000,000 rows, for speeding up this search is necessary a btree index, another tool is the domain list where we separate all domains in prefixes.

    If you create a table name with the columns but with no index the process of inserting rows is really very fast, but if you create a table with indexes the process is slow.

    We suggest you if you have big tables, and big data files if you need to import they to a table create your index tables after inserting all that, this is what we do, we create all indexes after inserting all the data, it takes a lot of hours but is  faster.

    Just a suggestion from someone who have experience with large databases.

  • Backup and Restore MySQL Databases

    Posted on June 1st, 2009 admin No comments

    I will just show the most basic and used methods for mysql backup and restore.

    1st Method – Mysql Dump

    The mysqldump is the most common method for backuping a mysql database, a database dump is a text file with the create tables, columns, insert rows…

    For making a mysql dump (backup) use the follow command:

    single database: mysqldump -u user -p password database-name > backup-file-name.sql

    all databases: mysqldump -u user -p password -A > backup-file-name.sql

    For restoring a mysql dump use the following command:

    mysql -u user -p password database-name < backup-file-name.sql

    2nd Method – Mysql Folders Backup

    The folder backup is faster, all the mysql databases are on the folder /var/lib/mysql, each database is in a single folder.

    For backuping using this method use the follow command:
    tar -cf backup-file-name.tar /var/lib/mysql/database-name

    For restoring using this method just decompress the file:
    tar -xvf backup-file-name.tar

    That´s it, now you just need to use your method.


  • Whois Domain Tool

    Posted on April 15th, 2009 admin No comments

    The same whois tool that you guys can find on now can be accessed by whois domain. On i will make some tests, vogamu will be my beta whois tool and always the official.


  • I have developed a on-line bit calculator

    Posted on April 8th, 2009 admin No comments

    Guys i have developed a bit calculator, with this tool you can convert any computer data to anything, example mb to gb, kb to bit, mb to kb and many others types.
    From bit to yottabyte. Its very easy to use and totally on-line, no installation needed.

    The tool is avaible on two urls Bit Calculator from and on  bit calculator for data conversion.

    Try it, use it and love it :)

  • 803,232 indexed urls according to Google Webmaster Tools!

    Posted on April 6th, 2009 admin No comments

    According to Google Webmaster Tools i have 803,232 indexed urls for my website domain But if i check they manually with the parameters in google search or with my tool to check indexed pages, they return  140,000 indexed pages.

    Take a look at the screenshots.

    Google Webmaster Tools - Indexed Urls
    Google Indexed Pages Result Index Checker Tool

    Strange right? Lets wait sometime and see what happens.

  • Name Server Spy – Discover all domains on the name server

    Posted on April 3rd, 2009 admin No comments

    Guys i have developed one incredible tool, in my name server spy you put the server name and it return all domains hosted on that name server.

    By example will return all domains hosted on

    The tool just work for domains with .com and .net extension by now, its the only free ns spy on the web. Soon the tool will support more domain extensions and the database will be update daily, but by now i am updating the database monthly.

    Click here to check my name server spy

    Please take a look and send comments, suggestions i will apreciate that.