• Make Money with Downloads +70$/Day

    Posted on March 23rd, 2009 admin No comments

    You now this download services that we use every time? Well you can get money from them. How? Let me explain.

    Some download networks like Megaupload, Bitroad, Depositfiles, Easyshare give you money when you a upload file and other people download it.

    The best i have found was Partner Bitroad.net they have the high payment. 70$ for 1000 downloads, it could variate if your downloads don´t come from US, but the less that they guarantee you are 30$/1000.

    If you have a download website you can easy make 70$ per day or even more, and that´s awesome, if you don´t have a website of downloads you can write a e-book or zip some pictures and put into a package in your blog a link to download this files.

    Well, in my opinion this is a good way to make some easy money everything you need is a good file to download.

    Good luck :)