• Using Google Keyword Tool to increase traffic and earnings

    Posted on March 16th, 2009 admin No comments

    If you really want to increase your website traffic and earnings coming from google, one of the tools that really can help you is the Google Keyword Tool.

    Google Keyword Tool

    Understanding results

    1. Choose the language of the content of your website
    2. Choose the country where you want to analyze visitors and ppc for respective keywords
    3. Choose if you want to discover the best keywords for your page, or if you want reports by specific keywords
    4. The keyword or the url (in the example the keyword)
    5. Medium estimated PPC for the specific keyword “seo professional” and synonims
    6. Competitors
    7.Monthly medium searches

    How can you use these results?

    1. To explore keywords with more searches and less competitors to increase your website visitors
    2. Increase your earnings with more good paying keywords
    3. Track wich keywords google is suggesting to your competitors
    4. Analyze best keyword cost / benefiet

    You can  use this tool to a lot of stuff, i can suggest you guys use it to discover good paying niches with less competition and then have really good earnings.

    Good luck 😛