• Google Mayday trying to recover my traffic

    Posted on June 7th, 2010 admin No comments

    On the last post of this site i show that my traffic is going down, thinking i am doing something wrong or thinks like that.

    Had you ever eard about the google mayday? When i wrote my last post i never had eard about it, now i think it is a nightmore to some webmasters.

    This update consists of optimize the results of the from long keywords searches like: “cheap digital cameras in us” and not for searches like “digital cameras”,

    but my main site whois.gwebtools.com receive most part of his visitors for short search querys like “digital cameras” and is still loosing traffic everyday.

    Im trying to understand now how this new update really works and how can i fix my site to recover the traffic i have befor.

    If someone is also having the same experience, share what you know still now, maybe it can be useful.

    good luck to all of us :)